Since 1863

Welcome to Bohlins Jeweller

Bohlin's jewelry business is a retail store with 150 years. Today we are one of Karlskrona's oldest shops. We are not members of a nationwide chain, but we regularly travel to fairs and hand pick jewelry that we think you'll enjoy. We try not to take it home the same jewelry again. Everything for Your jewelry should be as personal as possible.

Our traditional and wide range have been combined with the young, modern thinking. You can choose from thousands of jewelry. Obviously you will find everything from beautiful jewelry to upscale living treasures. The mixture between name-brand self-designed jewelry and much to choose from in our classic range makes our store is hugely exciting and well-stocked.

In our shop you will find jewelry from brands like Ole Lynggaard, Lars Wallin, Lapponia, Drakenberg Sjölin, Noën and Engelbert.

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